Check out Big Tobacco’s possible savior

It’s a fact, smoking is on the decline in the United States. I mean, when the cats of the Internet become anti-smoking advocates, it’s a manner of time. However, Big Tobacco remains powerful.
But for Big Tobacco, the writing does look to be on the wall, and that’s the subject of the above video from Bloomberg.
The video explains that low gas prices free up money for a pack of smokes at the gas station, and mergers have kept revenue high. So, think about it, if you are Big Tobacco: you’re banking on low, stable gas prices? Plus, there’s almost literally no one left to buy. What to do?
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Well, you might take a look at something that you may have first looked at in the 1970s: Getting into the marijuana game.
As laws start to soften on marijuana use, this might be a time for Big Tobacco to get into, ahem, a growth market.
So, is this what the companies are doing? To find out, check out the video.